Now is the Time to get Your Mailing List (and Biz) Legal, Legit and Covered (at a 40% discount!!!)

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Thinking of bringing on an Intern for the summer? Do you have a contract ready to clearly define the agreement and confidentiality terms? Take a Look...

Do you have a website? Is your Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions GDPR compliant? Take a look...

The time for procrastination is over. If your mailing list is any kind of International, the GDPR deadline is upon us and does affect you, and this is THE BEST TIME to get all of your other Legal stuff sorted out....literally. Here is a hand holding walk through GDPR Compliance by my favorite Lawyer for Creatives.

If you like 40% savings...Read on...


If you're actually planning on bringing in money from your side gig or full time art studio you need to get your i's dotted and t's crossed at some point....why not do it when there's a sale going on?

I confess to pushing the GDPR compliance to the very last minute and am just today getting things updated and legit. But it was soooo easy for me, do you know why?

I have this friend who is a Lawyer who loves to help Creatives get their businesses in order and I just happened to buy contract templates from her a couple years ago and because she keeps everything up to date and legal....duh....all of my previously purchased templates are now magically up to date with all of the GDPR lingo.

But I'm not writing to brag to you about my good luck. I'm taking the time to post and send this to tell can get your legal stuff sorted out TODAY at a major discount.

If you're following my blog you may have noticed that I'm a believer in Affiliate Marketing and it would be ridiculous of me to not be an affiliate for something I think is an absolute necessity for my business (and yours). This is my way of saying, yes if you follow the links to Christina's site I will get a commission on anything you purchase, but isn't that a big WIN for both of us? You're saving 40% by going to her Sale right NOW!....because I told you about the link!


Sometimes Artists feel like what they do ISN'T REALLY A BUSINESS....but if you're selling is...a business...and if you're making things where something could go wrong in the installation or restoration, or injuries could result, or your original designs could be need to have a solid foundation to stand on.

Something like the GDPR makes those of us who loathe legal eze and contracts and terms and conditions and trademarks squirm a bit...and finally TAKE THE TIME to look into it. So, the good news is, I've got you covered because Christina can not only help you with the GD...but practices to deal with the COPYCATS WHO ARE INFRINGING ON YOUR DESIGNS, the assistants and INTERNS YOU MAY BE 'HIRING', the CUSTOM ART YOU'RE MAKING or site installation you'll be doing next month, THE ONLINE COURSE YOU WILL BE SELLING this year, the Coaching and Mentoring Services you'll be offering, the onsite WORKSHOP/RETREAT YOU'RE ORGANIZING for 2019....and so on....if the transactions involve two or more people and $$$, you need to look into this NOW.

If your business has SECRET RECIPES or PROCESSES that are unique and need to be protected, Christina is the legal expert who comes from years of specializing in US Trademark Law. Or, heck maybe just the phrase that you have coined about what you do is so catchy you want to own the rights to those words for your specific niche. It's exactly what Christina has done for herself in The Contract Shop™. Isn't that catchy and smart???

Artists do Business...

even if you think selling a piece here or there or having a blog and mailing list don't really equate to a business or need to be up to date on the latest legal would be wrong. GET LEGIT TODAY!

The best part about getting contract templates from Christina is that whenever their verbiage is no longer up to'll be notified that a new version of your contract is available for download....a one time investment of your money and time.

So, looking into this legal stuff will take tons of mental energy TODAY, but because it's ON SALE NOW you really can't wait to do it will cost you 40% more to procrastinate

And if you are a procrastinator, you know that once you do actually feel so much better once it's done. 


I'll catch you on the other side....and we can celebrate your legal, legit-ness together. Let me know if this post helped you get things done that you've been procrastinating....or found answers to things you have been wondering about but didn't know where to turn!