Getting Started Can Be the Hardest Part....What's next on your to-do list?

Perhaps my tried and true favorite resources can help you take the first step. I use each and every one of these products and services, I'm cheering for their success and if offered, I'm an affiliate for them. 



Christina Scalera, The Contract Shop - Learn how to set up your new business legally. Education on business types...sole proprietorship, LLC..., Contract templates pre-customized for creative businesses and their unique needs and offerings ready for immediate download. Legal eze for your website and online courses... Fine Art Commissions. Workshops and Retreats. As your business grows...Contracts with Virtual assistants and 1099 Contractors. Affiliate Agreement. Education on protecting your work from copyright infringement. Education on Trademarks and when to use them...  Amazing resource.


Quickbooks Online -  Easily create and file 1099's for contractors, import sales data from Paypal, manage business checking and credit cards...everything in one place without manually importing or entering data. Great mobile app too.



Trello Gold -  The App itself. Create individual repeatable workflows in an interactive system that's customizable, brandable and pretty. 
Trello for Business - Learn how to maximize your Trello productivity. This will set you up for success!



Adobe Creative Cloud - Adobe Illustrator (Ai), Photoshop, and InDesign are my favorite programs in the Adobe Suite. Illustrator on it's own has amazing capabilities and if I could have only one, it would be my choice. They are offered as an online service that is updated regularly and available as single programs or combinations or all. Since learning Ai I can create nearly anything I need to and can't imagine life without it.

Learn Adobe Illustrator in the most fun and engaging way through Surface Pattern Design Immersion (opens once a year Feb 18-27) , or join anytime and dabble with the same instructor's Skillshare course...Intro to Surface Pattern Design  This is how I learned Ai after trying a few other methods and I can't say enough great things about it!  You'll come out a pro!


Online Course Platforms

Teachery - Pretty, brandable course pages, no transaction fees, amazing customer service. And offer an affiliate program for your own courses - managed within the platform for you.


Customer Relationship Management

Honeybook - Perfect for service based creative companies who need to educate prospects, provide proposals, gather information from clients through questionnaires, offer streamlined billing/payment plans and contracts as well as a communication hub to organize all emails to and from your clients in one place. Honeybook is perfect for collaboration between vendors on larger projects as well a great community of Honeybook using businesses who love to collaborate, refer and promote one another. Great mobile App too.

Email Service Provider

ConvertKit - Made for those who want to offer a number of freebie download-ables to their readers in exchange for their email, and better serve their audience's specific interests through targeted emails serving their unique interests specifically and efficiently.



Interact Quizzes - A fun way to find people interested in your niche and allows you to serve them specific to their unique needs or interests.


Squarespace - Elegant websites that are easily managed by anyone. I created my first Squarespace site years ago when I knew nothing about web design. I created an amazing site and I could change anything I needed any time I wanted. This is the platform I recommend for everyone who wants to spend their time working on their business, not learning code... Squarespace has e-commerce capabilities...sell physical products and services and downloadable products from your own site with simple creditcard and paypal integrations, blogging options, landing pages... Great reporting for both e-comm and analytics as well as simple mobile Apps that take your business on the road. I am a CIRCLE member designer for Squarespace and love helping entrepreneurs get their website and business strategy set up. Take a look at my services page for more detail.


...fear points you in the direction you need to go. Toward it, not away.
— Seth Godin